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Company's History

ALMA RAS started its work in Olovo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 22 years ago. Symbolically, it was founded on the Women’s Day in 1998 and since then, it has been considered as an inevitable place for lovers of quality fine lingerie and sleepwear programmes. Since the founding of the company, the company has recorded steady growth and development – from small, family workshops to brand leaders on the domestic, Bosnian market and nowadays employing more than 1,200 workers in six production plants. One of the key business policies is employee care, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. Alma Ras has become one of the most renowned companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a wide distribution network through wholesale and retail boutiques. Careful placement of brands and other markets also won the hearts of customers in the regional and European markets, starting from Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and thus to Slovenia and Denmark.

„Touch I love “

Alma Ras created its position solely with the help of its high-quality and recognizable image. By choosing high-quality natural materials of European origin and by following the world fashion trends that are tailored to the needs of customers, the company has built a recognizable image of quality and style.

„Brands for the Whole Family “

The Alma Ras‘s creative team always reinvigorates women and the situations in which she finds herself daily, from drinking morning coffee all sleepy in her favourite pyjamas or preparing for work to an outing in the irresistible and comfortable underwear that will highlight her femininity. On the other hand, the male brand Manners emphasizes the style and character of a true man. The youngest are delighted by playful motifs on pyjamas and underwear, so Alma Ras brand designated to children special line AR Kids. The aforementioned brands are represented in the retail Alma Ras and Manners boutiques, while the customers of the larger shopping chains and shopping centres will be welcomed by the brand AR Family, which is characterized by a perfect price/quality ratio.


Alma Ras, a branch of Banja Luka opened in May 2010. It is located in an attractive location in the centre of Banja Luka, in the street Jevrejska 2, across from Hotel Vidović, with the view of the old craft centre. The polite staff of this boutique will be happy to help you choose the ideal lingerie or sleepwear programme from the range of Alma Ras with accessories, cloaks, leisure wear, pregnancy programmes, socks.

Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 08 – 20h
Saturday: 08 – 16h
Sunday- non-working!

Address: Jevrejska 2
Contact telephone: +387 51 222 230
email: arbanjaluka@alma-ras.com

Alma Ras opened up a new branch in Banja Luka on 10 June 2016.

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 09 – 21h
Sunday: 10 – 16h

Address: Jovana Dučića 25
Contact telephone: +387 51 304-590
email:: mpbanjaluka2@gmail.com

Alma Ras at BBI Centre, opened when the centre itself, exactly on 6 April 2009. The luxuriously furnished boutique is located on the third floor of the BBI Centre, on a surface of 61m2, annually visited over 600,000 visitors. In its programme this boutique offers the widest range of fine lingerie for the entire family, sleepwear programme for moments that are just yours, fashion seasonal items, t-shirts, dresses and swimsuits, leisure, fashion and accessories.

Working hours:
Monday- Saturday: 09 – 22h
Sunday: 12 – 20h

Address: Trg djece Sarajeva 1, III floor
Contact telephone: +387 33 223 339
email: alma.ras_sa2@bih.net.ba

The Alma Ras boutique in Bihać opened up in May 2010. It is located in Bosanska Street 11, in the very centre of the city, across the road from Bihać Municipality. Although this little boutique offers a full range of Alma Ras, a lingerie and sleepwear programme complemented by a program for pregnant women, breastfeeding, leisure, and kids.

Working hours.:
Monday-Friday: 08 – 20h
Saturday: 08 – 16h
Sunday: non-working!

Address: Bosanska 11, Bihać
Contact telephone: +387 37 228 344
email:: arbihac@alma-ras.com

Dobrinja Boutique is located beside the Mercator market centre since 2011 and it gained the trust of the inhabitants of this largest settlement in Sarajevo in a very short time. This boutique offers a complete range of Alma Ras complemented by the offer of brassiere, pregnancy program, peach and swimsuit.

Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 09 – 21h
Saturday: 09 – 18h
Sunda: non-working

Address:: Bulevar branilaca Dobrinje bb, Sarajevo
Contact telephone: +387 33 788 590
email:: almaras.dobrinja@bih.net.ba

The branch office Tuzla was established in 2007 at the location of Džafer Mahala 3 or popularly referred to as ‘Skver’. The branch moved in 2016 in the newly opened Bingo City Centre.
This branch office is decorated according to the latest Alma Ras standard, offering a wide range of products that will meet the needs of the entire family so that all Bingo City Centre visitors can enjoy the modern Alma Ras boutique.

Working hours:
Monday-Sunday: 09 – 21h
Monday-Sunday: 10 – 22h

Address: Mitra Trifunovića 2, Bingo City centre
Contact telephone: +387 35 364 280
email: almarastz@bih.net.ba

In the Mercator market centre, another one Alma Ras boutique was opened. It was opened in late 2011, and with friendly staff and full offer in a very short time, it gained the trust of a large number of customers of different generations.

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 09 – 21h
Sunday: 09 – 17h

Address: Drugog korpusa Armije BiH bb
Contact telephone: +387 35 363 190
email:: mptuzla@alma-ras.com

The boutique located in the centre of Sarajevo, more precisely at the address Maršala Tita 32. It is equipped with the latest, modern standards. This boutique in addition to the complete offer of lingerie and sleepwear programme of Manners for men, also offers the female brand Alma Ras.

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 08 – 21h
Sunday: non-working

Address: Maršala Tita 32
Contact telephone: +387 33 551-166
email: mamce2@bih.net.ba

The modern equipped boutique Alma Ras opened the doors of its branch office in Mostar in 2013. It is located in the largest shopping centre in BiH, Mepas Mall on the second floor. Equipped to the latest standards with some innovations and this boutique has complete production program Alma Ras, fine lingerie of the finest natural materials, comfortable pyjamas and nightgowns, as well as an extra assortment of pyjamas, cloaks and swimsuits.

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 09 – 21h
Sunday: 11 – 21h

Address: Kardinala Stepinca bb, Mepas Mall
Contact telephone: +387 36 320 328
email: mpmostar@alma-ras.com

One of the first boutiques in Sarajevo is a boutique in the Papagajka building, located at Hamdije Kreševljaković 61. The branch office was opened in May 2005 and was the only branch office in Sarajevo. It is next to the Čobanija Bridge, along the river Miljacka. You can complete a pleasant walk along the coast of Miljacka by an even more enjoyable shopping.

Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 08 – 20h
Saturday: 09 – 17h
Sunday: non-working!

Address: Hamdije Kreševljakovića 61
Contact telephone +387 33 550 455
email.: alma.ras@bih.net.ba

The whole story about Alma Ras boutiques started just from the boutique in Visoko, as the first retailer Alma Ras. Initially at Branilaca bb, and now at the very centre of Alija Izetbegović 37.

Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 09 – 17h
Saturday: 09 – 17h
Sunday: non-working!

Address: Alije Izetbegovića 37
Contact telephone: +387 32 732 070
email: dzenita@alma-ras.com

Although the boutique has changed several locations, with the space in the market centre Džananović, the boutique Alma Ras is displayed in the best light. It is located at Kamberovića čikma b.b., ground floor, next to the dm.
And this boutique has a complete production program Alma Ras, a fine lingerie of the finest natural materials, comfortable pyjamas and nightgowns, and an extra assortment of socks, swimwear, cloaks, jewellery etc.

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 09 – 21h
Sunday: 10 – 18h

Address: Kamberovića čikma, TC Džananović
Contact telephone: +387 32 442 980
email: alma.rasze@bih.net.ba

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 08 – 21h
Sunday: Non – working

Address: Desanke Maksimović
Contact telephone: +387 59 222 185
email: mptrebinje@alma-ras.com


Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9-21h
Sunday: 10-18h
Address Gradačačka 1, Sarajevo
email:: heididoo@hotmail.com

Working hours:
Sunday: 09-14h
Address: Luka bb, Konjic
email: badi.konjic@gmail.com

Working hours:
Saturday: 9-18,
Sunday: non-working
Address: Vojvode Mišića bb (next to the city heating plants)
email: djukanovicmd@gmail.com

Working hours:

Mon-Sat: 09 – 20h
Sun and holidays closed
Address: TC ROSE, Nugla II Bugojno
Mail: almarasbugojno@gmail.com

Working hours:

Mon-Sat: 8 – 20h
Sunday and holidays closed
Address: Bosanska 104, Travnik
Mail: shemsa.burak@gmail.com


Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 07 – 21h
Sunday: 07 – 20h
Address: Olovske Luke bb
Contact telephone:+387 32 828 571
email: outlet@alma-ras.com

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: 09 – 17h
Sunday: non-working!
Address: Braće Fejića 8, Mostar
Contact telephone +387 36 551 734
email: pr37@amko.ba

Address: Zaima Imamovića 9
Contact telephone: +387 38 220 183
email: minkatr.gorazde@gmail.com

Working hours:
Monday: 10 – 18h
Tuesday-Saturday: 9 – 21h
Sunday: Non – working!

Address: Ulica Branilaca bb, SC Etna
Contact telephone:: +387 35 704 665
email: mpgracanica@alma-ras.com


Mil-Pop 3, Moskovska br. 52 tel: +382 20 246 170
Mil-Pop 4, Josipa Broza bb, TC Voli tel: +382 20 605 415
Mil-Pop 5, TC Mall of Montenegro tel: +382 20 223 265
Mil-Pop 10, Bulevar sv. Petra cetinjskog br.57 tel: +382 20 221 004
Mil-Pop 11, Bratstva i jedinstva br.43 tel: +382 20 221 092
Mil-Pop 14, DISCOUNT I VELEPRODAJA –  8. Mart br. 55; tel: +382 67 180 551
Mil-Pop 15, ulica Slobode br.14;  tel: +382 67 255 931
Mil-Pop 17, TC Mall of Montenegro;  tel: +382 20  674 428
BUDVA – Mil-Pop 9, Mediteranska br.8
TQ Plaza tel: +382 78 119 537
NIKŠIĆ – RK Nikšićanka, Njegoševa br.20 tel: +382 40 201 029
BAR – Mil-Pop 16,  ul. Vladimira Rolovića br.15, tel: +382 67 180 522
KOTOR – Mil-Pop 18,  ul. Tabačina br. 571, tel: +382 67 626 987

Mercator center Tabor
Ulica Eve Lovše 1, 2000 Maribor
Tel: 059 103 797

Working hours:
Monday – Saturday: 9.00 – 21.00
Sunday: 9.00 – 15.00

Polzela, Celje

Stanetova ulica 9, 3000 Celje

Tel: 034 273 590


Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.00-19.00
Saturday: 8.00 – 12.00

Polzela, Ljubljana

Miklošičeva cesta 22, Ljubljana

Tel: 014 355 603


Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.00-19.00
Saturday: 8.00 – 13.00

ELVA, Ramstore Mall Skopje
Bul. “Kiril i Metodij” br. 13, Skopje
Radno vrijeme od 10:00 do 20:00h

Alma Ras, Tetovo
Jane Sandanski 68, Tetovo
Radno vrijeme
Ponedjeljak-Subota od 10:00 do 20:00h

Generalni zastupnik i distributer
Železnička 24 A, Štip
T: +389 32 394 494
F: +389 32 391 748
e-mail: angro@angroteks.com.mk

Frankopanska 2B, Zagreb

+3851 484 43 09


Working hours:

Monday – Friday: 8-20h

Saturday: 8 – 15h

Alma Ras contact

Alma Ras d.o.o.

Olovske Luke b.b.
71340 Olovo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

T:  +387 32 823 050
F: +387 32 828 241
E: info@alma-ras.com

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