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Company's History

ALMA RAS started its work in Olovo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 22 years ago. Symbolically, it was founded on the Women’s Day in 1998 and since then, it has been considered as an inevitable place for lovers of quality fine lingerie and sleepwear programmes. Since the founding of the company, the company has recorded steady growth and development – from small, family workshops to brand leaders on the domestic, Bosnian market and nowadays employing more than 1,200 workers in six production plants. One of the key business policies is employee care, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. Alma Ras has become one of the most renowned companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a wide distribution network through wholesale and retail boutiques. Careful placement of brands and other markets also won the hearts of customers in the regional and European markets, starting from Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and thus to Slovenia and Denmark.

„Touch I love “

Alma Ras created its position solely with the help of its high-quality and recognizable image. By choosing high-quality natural materials of European origin and by following the world fashion trends that are tailored to the needs of customers, the company has built a recognizable image of quality and style.

„Brands for the Whole Family “

The Alma Ras‘s creative team always reinvigorates women and the situations in which she finds herself daily, from drinking morning coffee all sleepy in her favourite pyjamas or preparing for work to an outing in the irresistible and comfortable underwear that will highlight her femininity. On the other hand, the male brand Manners emphasizes the style and character of a true man. The youngest are delighted by playful motifs on pyjamas and underwear, so Alma Ras brand designated to children special line AR Kids. The aforementioned brands are represented in the retail Alma Ras and Manners boutiques, while the customers of the larger shopping chains and shopping centres will be welcomed by the brand AR Family, which is characterized by a perfect price/quality ratio.

Alma Ras contact

Alma Ras d.o.o.

Olovske Luke b.b.
71340 Olovo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

T:  +387 32 823 050
F: +387 32 828 241
E: info@alma-ras.com

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