About us

ALMA RAS started its business in Olovo eighteen years ago. It was symbolically founded on International Women's Day and has since become renowned as indispensable for those enjoying high quality fine underwear and nightwear. Over the years, ALMA RAS has showed continuous growth and development - from a small family business to one of the most well-known brands in BiH, with a widespread wholesale distribution network and its own retail stores throughout BiH. In 2014, ALMA RAS expanded its business to Serbia by opening its first store in Belgrade, while its export network, apart from Montenegro, Macedonia and Norway, has reached as far as South Korea. Increasing demand also requires additional production capacities, so in 2014, apart from the existing facilities in Olovo, Vareš and Srebrenica, another one emerged in Visoko.

One of our key business policies is taking care of our staff and making both our staff and our customers satisfied. ALMA RAS created its position solely based on exceptional quality and a recognizable image, by selecting the best high-quality natural materials, as well as by keeping up with world fashion trends adjusted to suit the needs of domestic market. WOMAN has always been the main source of inspiration for our creative team. Situations in which women find themselves every day—a woman waking up and having a cup of coffee in her favourite pyjamas or getting ready for work or going out, wearing irresistible and comfortable underwear to underline her femininity—this is what inspires the creation of comfortable garments made of the finest materials, because sometimes your appearance reflects what you wear and feel directly on your skin. Exquisite tailoring applied to a traditional form is combined with casual, new and modern ways of thinking.


Visit our modern Alma Ras retail stores throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina where you will be welcomed by our kind and professional staff who will make your visit a pleasure and help you find exactly what you need.


Olovo, Olovske luke bb, 032 828 571, 08-22h
Mostar, Braće Fejić 8., 036 551 734, 07-21h

Outlet is by definition a store with the lowest prices in the market. Items, mostly from previous seasons’ collections, can be found in our outlet stores at incredible discount prices.

Franchise partners:
Konjic – Badi tr.
Gradiška – store A&K
Sarajevo, Heidi d.o.o., TC Otoka

Importer and distributor for Montenegro: Mil-Pop d.o.o.

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